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Full Membership

Full members are entitled to all the benefits of the Shul. Membership includes permanent seats in the Shul, including the High Holy Holidays. You will be updated on all activities at the shul via our mailing list, and receive regular communications from the Shul, including a weekly Good Shabbas newsletter, we remind you of your upcoming yartzeits .

2015 Fees:

Family Membership:  
Gents Membership:  
Ladies Membership:  

Associate Membership

Associate members are entitled to the same benefits as full members, with the exception of seats for the High Holy Holidays. It is designed for  members who belong to another Shul, but wishes to be affiliated and keep contact with the CWHC .

2015 Fees:

Associate Membership:
 Please fill in the application form and return to our admin office who will contact you shortly to confirm your application.

All are welcome at the CWHC – We have a reduced fees programme in process,it is awarded to members under special circumstances. If you find yourself in financial difficulty and unable to pay the indicted amounts , please do not hesitate to call Janine Davimes our director, who will handle the matter utmost sensitivity.
All are welcome at the CWHC and no one will be rejected due to financial reasons.